Reducing College Expenses

The Benefits Of GradReady

GradReady is a turn-key, cost-effective solution that presents the topics that students require to improve completion and persistence. This curriculum is online which is easy to implement and configures to the needs of the user.

GradReady’s approach is incremental and organized and educates students using the correct lessons, before college, during college, and even after college. The lessons include important topics that students can benefit from to borrow responsibly, how to attain academic excellence, and acquire vital life-management skills.


Reasons To Invest In GradReady

This platform offers excellent videos, tips, tools, and helpful resources to assist students to succeed personally, academically, and financially. Here are some of the top reasons why many students can benefit from this program:

Learn What You Want When You Want

Open and online 24/7 and it is easy to use and flexible. You can easily create account.

Improve Your Skills

– The quizzes allow students to track their growth and knowledge

– The Final Assessment will show students they are GradReady

Forecast Your Financial Future With The Debt-O-Meter

– This tool allows you to work out your debt as well as estimate your “future” income

Use the available resources to assist you with restructuring your borrowing when you need to decrease your current debt load

Create A Customized Financial Plan Budget

– Use resources and prompts to project or predict your expenses and income

– Track and store your customized budget

– Become “financially-fit” using ways to cut down on your spending

Financing Plan: Decide If You Need To Borrow

– List your scholarships, grants, cost-of-attendance, and if you are able to contribute anything

– Decide whether you will have to borrow and work out the ideal loan to cover these gaps

– Check on the Ladder Of Smart Borrowing to decide on the right loan for you