Planning Elder Care

What Is Included In Elder Care Planning?

Elder care planning, also called elder planning, does not only include one part of a person’s life. Instead, it typically includes every part of a person’s life. This means that when caregivers decide to begin the process of preparing a plan for their elderly loved one, it should be done with love and compassion. Current and future quality of life issues should also be taken into consideration.

Elder Care Planning
Health visitor and a senior woman during home visit. A nurse talking to an elderly woman.

So, what is the process to begin a care plan for the elderly?

Care Assessment

The first thing that must be completed is a care assessment. This assessment should occur at least once a year unless there has been a major shift in your loved one’s physical, mental or emotional needs. An assessment will also need to be conducted if there has a been a change in your loved one’s home life.

Keep in mind that all evaluations should take into account the senior’s current overall needs.

In order to complete a care assessment, you should observe the senior during their normal routine. While observing the senior, make note of any issues that the senior may have while completing activities such as:

– Bathing
– Mobility
– Light housekeeping
– Preparing and cooking meals

Important Questions To Ask Seniors And Their Family/Caregivers

For a care assessment to be effective, all parties should be given questionnaires. These questionnaires should focus on the senior’s lifestyle, interests, hobbies and daily routine. Be sure to ask the senior about the activities they would enjoy doing if they did not have any limitations.

For example:

– Do you have problems completing certain tasks around the home?
– Do you avoid completing certain tasks because they are too difficult to do?
– Is there anything that you or your loved one no longer do because of physical or mental limitations?

It is difficult to think about your elderly parent or family member getting older. However, it is important to begin the process of elder care planning before you begin to notice any physical, mental or emotional issues.